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Aligning learning to the organisation

Aligning learning to the organization’s needs is today more indispensable than ever to maintain the business positive and competitive in the marketplace.
As HR is rightly assuming more and more the role of Business Partner, it is not possible to build learning paths without assessing organization’s learning needs.

Learning is not only about training classrooms. Finding the right measure between trainings, coaching, peer-to-peer learning, on-the-job, (etc) learning methods is both HR and Management responsibility to ensure organisation’s empowerment through people’s development.

Assessing the impact of learning activities into the business is then equally important to understand if the effort correlated to the organization’s success.

The Alterativus

The subject of ensuring the alignment of learning with the organisation has attracted a lot of attention recently. Learning managers and professionals are becoming alert to the need to ensure that “learning” – whether it be the activity or the organisational function – really meets the needs of the organisation it supports. Learning, as critical as it is to the continued success of an organisation, is not immune from the ever-increasing scrutiny that is placed on organisational activities and costs.

What follows is a slight re-draft of an article I wrote for the Alterable website a few weeks back.  In it I propose that organisations need to think about the time and money they spend on learning as a portfolio. I suggest that those responsible for directing and managing the “investment” in learning need to adopt the same mindset (and some of the techniques) that would be applied to investments in R&D…

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